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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Report a fake Account

if someone using your pics on a fake fb account you can delete that account by reporting to Facebook.

Step 1:- Open the fake account profile of a person whose account you want deactivate or complain to Facebook now go to setting button which is available in the right side of profile and click on it and then a drop down menu is open, after that click on report/block option.


Step 2 :- now a report/block menu is appear on your screen and then select option submit a report and click continue button.


Step 3 :- now select this is a fake account and then after selecting This timeline was created to bully or harass me and click continue.


Step 4 :- select block victim name.. and click continue..


Step 5 :- Now what can you can do you just request at least 25-30  yourfriends that are added in your friends list or his/her friends list to make the same report/block option to delete that fake account permanently.

They just follow the same steps which you will perform in the above the only change in the step 3  in place of this timeline was created to bully or harass me they select other option and click continue.



This is all about to delete a fake account but this tutorial is only for the existing Facebook user, but if you don’t have Facebook account or some one used to hack your E-mail id or used your photo for creating Fake account. This how you can stop them…




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