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Friday, 17 June 2016

Write best SEO friendly posts 

Selection of topic

This is an old saying that “No fun for the writer, no fun for the reader.” always write 
things of your interest and enjoy during writing your article.if you are a computer expert 
you must write articles about pc tricks not about health and beauty. Always select that 
filed in which your like to work on.

Must think before write article

Before write about and article must know about it.what are you going to explain? What do 
you want to tell your readers? what is purpose of your article.Before writing about an 
article get all information about it.

Do your research

When you going to write about an article do your research.a good article writer never think 

that he know about every thing he always research research and research and keep update his 

material to explain best to his readers. it is true sometimes we not know about a article 

when we make our mind to write about it but after over research we can write thousands of 

words about about your article on google..try to add every point in your article 

about your topic.

 Use paragraphs in you articles

Everybody uses paragraphs, but make a good paragraphs is a good skill. Do not use a new 
sentence on new line. when you giving a  different idea use new paragraphs. Every paragraph 
should have a main idea or a main subject. do not write very long paragraphs as well as 
very short write a normal paragraph. If you have more sentences, you simply need more 

 Use headings

Headings makes a beautiful layout of articles. They’re important for a good SEO friendly 
article, but for SEO as well.headings will help you in ranking your posts.Peoples like to 
read out articles with headings if one headings have many branches you must use 
subheadings.with headings and subheadings peoples can look importance of your articles 
easily .Also use keywords in headings and can find best keywords that peoples 
most search in google with google keywords planner.Make text readable and of good font.

Write a article of good length

 Write short article. Always write a unique and about 400 to 500 words of article.if you 
do that google search engine will rank your post fastly and you will get a good amount of 
traffic.Search engines will not rank articles of short length.

Write your own articles

Always write your own articles do not copy past if you wanna t0 earn good money.if use 

copyright when adsence and search engines will ignore your blog or website.

Adding Search Engine Friendly Images

Simply added pics in articles is not a good thing because google cannot see your pics.after 
using ALT Tags google can understand type of pictures.ALT also have important role in 
must use this tags if you using more pics in your site nor blog.YOU can add ALT tags in 

Rename pic before uploading because if you take pics from camera or google and any thing 
else your pic is named as "011233.jpj" so must rename your pics.

 Google has recently started to ignore alt tags, unless the image has been linked to 
another page in your website. Yahoo and Bing will look at the alt tags, so be sure to use 
them if you are not linking, but more importantly, link your image to your website.Make you 
pics clickable.

Writing Your Blog Meta Tags

If you are using an application that allows you to "Tag" your content or add meta tags, be 
sure to take the time to do so. This helps tell search engines what your article is about. 
You generally have three types of meta tags; Title, Description and Keywords.

Meta Description:

Meta Description have very important role.if you add this perfectly google will get short 
summery about your can shortly know what are you going to describe.this is 
very important for get good ranking.use all main point of your article in Mata description.if your description is off turn on your description in settings easly.

Use plagiarism checker

plagiarism checker is a small SEO tool which checks that your article is how much 
unique.unique articles will rank fastly .

Some tips for my readers

Always write orignal articles
Use correct spelling and grammer
Write interesting articles
Wel edit your article
Must subribe for more updates
keep visiting my blog 


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