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Friday, 10 June 2016

How to start a blog for make money?

Create a blog is not very difficult task it is very simple.Many peoples asked to me how to create a blog to earn money.For my reader i am creating a blogger full course.
this is my first article about how to start a blog for free.
so lets start
Go to
click on new blog
give a tittle and blog address
this all process shown in video below
before you watch video and create a bog firstly clear some concepts.

how to create successful blog?

TO create a good blog there are many factor affects.

1 select a good topic or tittle for your blog

2 create a good design for your blog

3 create best posts

how to select a best tittle for you blog?

Always select a topic that a like most for example if you like playing games and you interested in games than you create a blog on games if you like Movies than create on movies.
there are thousands topics

Some good topics for blogging
For games
1: action games
2: racing games
3: kids games
4: boy games
5: girls games


  • Action movies
  • Horror movies
  • Fighting movies
  • Love story movie
  • Hollywood movies
  • Bollywood movies

Health and beauty
PC software
Android software

And that topics you like work on  it.

How to create a good design for your blog?

Always create a simple,good locking design for your blog.there are many free theme are available on can download a good theme for your blog.

How to Create best posts on blog?

Always create good posts for your readers.Create a relationship with your readers.always share good and useful things on your not copy past article on your blog.Use simple words and simple sentences in your articles that can understand very person.Add images and video related to your posts in articles.Make heading and sub headings in your posts.share your posts on social sites.Add links related to your topic on posts.

Now just do that create a good blog according to my information that i given to you and wait for next article.

Watch video
how to start a blog in urdu?

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